4 pups in various sitting or standing poses. With PlayTyme tees and tanks on.

Welcome to the PlayGround

A new home for ABDLs, pups, and kinksters to build connections and share their lives in a safe, age-gated, and well-moderated community of their peers. Powered by Discord!

👪 Join a community of your peers!

The PlayTyme PlayGround is a lot more than your average Discord server. We have dedicated channels for conversations, sharing photos & videos, playing games, virtual co-working, listening to music, and many more!

🔒 A safe space to be yourself

We provide a safe space to share photos, videos, and other kink-related media without any censorship or sharing with 3rd parties.

Our awesome features
👍 We're diaper, underwear, and gear friendly

So don't be afraid to show off that awesome taping job or that shiny new pup hood that just arrived in the mail. It's all A-Okay with us!

Our awesome features
😊 NSFW channels without any judgment

Don't ever be embarrassed or afraid to share what you enjoy. No matter how kinky it might be, we encourage you to be you!

Our awesome features

🤔 How exactly does this work?

There are no public invite links to our server. Access is granted through a membership system, which allows us to ensure members are 18 years of age or older and prevent user data from being shared with unauthorized 3rd parties.


We foster a community
of like-minded kinksters