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Technology meets purpose

We've partnered with Ternary Developments for our membership solution and implemented several powerful custom bots for moderation and community management.

By putting technology first, we're able to scale as our community grows. And ensure every member has the best experience possible.

Ternary Developments

Ternary Developments

Ternary provides the framework that allows the PlayGround to remain secure. Here's a quick explanation of the value they bring to the server:

Our platform is clean and user-friendly, allowing you to make quick changes through clicks and not code! Our platform integrates securely with your Website, Discord, and Stripe to create a seamless “ternary (adj. composed of three parts) connection,” allowing businesses to easily manage the entire membership lifecycle for private Discord servers from beginning to end!


Custom Discord Bots

We've built several custom Discord bots to manage our community and ensure we can scale properly. "Daddy Bot" provides our auto mod tools for deleting messages, tracking user infractions, issuing mutes/kicks/bans, proving our 24/7 music channels, sending out server-wide notifications, and a host of other tasks. "Mommy Bot" is designed to provide a ticketing system directly inside Discord. This allows members to open a temporary, private text channel directly with our moderation team to request assistance or file a report quickly and easily.

Ternary Developments